About us

Help your child succeed!

At HelloClass, we strongly believe that education should be accessible to each and every child and teaching is not a forte of a selected few. We enable students to get connected to teachers and ask any question from their studies. At the same time, we enable teachers to get connected from anywhere and anytime to help the students!

Building a product that is simple and is easy to use, hence, is of utmost importance. At the core of this product lies a very strong team driven by the agility and knowledge seeking attitude that runs through the company as a whole. We always profess a flat hierarchy, giving room for thoughts to flow, not just within the technology team, but also involving academics, operations and sales.

The result of all this is an amazing amalgamation of ideas that drives out the best of each of us to create a service that doesn't only give you the solution, but meets your standards of performance in the most secure, reliable and trustworthy manner!

Lets teach. Lets learn. Lets help everybody bring out their true potential!

About Us

We are in the business of providing supplementary education to students in the K-12 space in India. We are building an education platform to provide home tutoring, online tutoring, curriculum based assessments, worksheets, and content that are based on highly personalized learning experience.

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Ezeesmart Education Private Limited
2nd Floor, A, 212, 1st Main Rd, Stage 2,
Domlur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560071